Blockchain platform for optimizing traffic signs and traffic lights location

The Traffic Data Coin platform is a system for analyzing
and processing traffic data

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The System Operations

The data obtained as a result will be processed and an optimal map of the city's roads will be compiled based on that. The system will offer drivers alternative routes to suit their needs and will offer the most convenient place for parking.

The system allows to adjust the location and intensity of traffic lights automatically. Thanks to the blockchain technology the platform will be protected from attacks and will be able to work openly and stable.

The effectiveness of the system will be achieved through the introduction of Traffic Data Coin as a payment tool. The coin can be used for internal exchange, payment and reservation of parking spaces or fines. In addition, drivers will receive payment for providing data on their car use.

Ubiquitous use guarantees a stable growth in the price of the coin and a regular income for investors. Traffic Data Coin is perfect for long-term investments. The PoS algorithm will provide fast and secure transactions with the ability to run masternodes, allowing investors to be guaranteed to receive coins for the validation of new blocks.


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